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What Is The Cause Of Latency?

Latency is the measure of the amount of time it takes your system and other devices to respond after you complete an action like clicking on an online link. Most people won’t notice any difference in their Spotify streaming or listening but gamers may have issues due to delays. Satellite internet has a greater precision than wired connections. It means that players may experience slower performance when playing games due to the high loss rates.

The term “latency” refers to the delay between your input (in this instance , an anchor) and when it is given to other. This is a major issue in online video games, or watching YouTube videos. It could impact responsiveness since things might not be as accurate as they could be.

What causes latency?

Gamers and end-users could experience latency issues. The speed of play can be affected by factors like distance between you (and the server) and any intermediate variables like Wi-Fi speed or internet connection type. There are a myriad of router/modem combos that are available today. If you think it’s a bit complicated at first glance then do not worry as we’ll be able to explain each piece here.


Latency is the time required for information to travel to travel from one place to get to the next. We’re referring to the distance between your machine and any server(s) and the amount of data you’re requesting from said machine. If this distance is not sufficient, then there will be an increase of the latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay is a key aspect in determining latency experienced when browsing on your device or computer. It also affects other measures like speed of download as well as upload speeds, and wireless connections.

Internet Connection Type

There is a significant distinction in the latency of various internet connections. Cable and DSL both have lower latency, whereas fiber has more of an average. Satellite is generally slow due to its design that needs more space to transmission. This leads to longer wait times and increased buffering capacity on websites you require access to, such as audio videos or files.

What’s the point of a website?

Ever clicked on a link then waited to see the page load, and then clicked again? That was because they were trying too hard to make their Angelfire site look appealing. The page was full of The Office memes, so each time you visit it it takes more time than normal.

Your web browser must download massive files, like videos or HD images, when you go to a site. Also, if they’re stored on a server that is far away from the site you’re visiting currently, there could be some latency thanks for the distance.

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