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Must-Have Features For Driver App

Mobile technology is essential to keep your business relevant in the current market. The world of technology has drastically changed in recent years , and all kinds of innovations are emerging all around us and this includes taxis too. With the rise of competition from cheaper transportation providers such as Uber-like services or car rental businesses that offer similar services with lower prices while offering superior customer service as the majority of traditional taxi companies do, being able to adjust quickly enough will help set yours apart from other taxi companies looking into launching their version too.

There are various types of taxi apps available on the market. A specific type is specifically designed for the established businesses in need and allows customers to book their rides quickly along with an expanding customer base aiding drivers in finding potential fares more quickly than ever before.

Two apps were designed by the team responsible for development to cater to the needs of passengers and drivers. This provides better-customized features to both parties involved giving you the chance to have exactly what you require without distractions or interruptions.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

As the taxi industry continues to face increasing competition A key element to keep customers loyal is to ensure that drivers have access and full control of their apps. Driver-friendly features allow new customers and those who are already customers to concentrate on the tasks with less hassle, which leads to more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS).

Drivers are always more comfortable using apps that reduce their effort and offer the best practices. A GPS tracking system can locate the exact location of the passenger. But, once they give their permission, it’s easier for drivers to find the person at any point in time.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers can now opt utilize their smartphones to be available to take new calls, and obtain information. The driver will be informed immediately in the event of an order. They can then search for another fare or provide additional details, like their address.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers to compare their performance against other drivers and also gain valuable information about their travels. It is also possible to see comments from other riders to determine if there are any positive or negative remarks.

Email & SMS Alerts

Important notifications will be sent to cabs by SMS or by email. They can also send them messages via SMS or email. The interface is simple and easy to use.

Start/End your ride

It’s easy to find your location using maps. The map will show you the exact location where drop-off and pickup points are. This makes it simpler for all those to be involved.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A passenger can request transportation and receive an instant response. If the driver does not respond within 15-30 second after receiving the notification on the app, it indicates that there’s no vehicle within the vicinity that could take them to their destination.

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