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All You Need To Know About Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Developers and designers are creating websites that are focused on mobile devicesas that is where the majority of their income comes from. Designers and developers involved in web design or web development must have some knowledge of designing mobile-friendly websites. This is because it will make it easier to create apps that can be adapted to smaller screens.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers are the time to bloom, which is why we’re seeing the trend of rounded edges and more vibrant colours on web pages. Backgrounds have changed from using 90deg angles for design elements , such as avatars on profiles or form input. Now you can use interesting perspectives to keep your customers interested. Your website must be in line with current fashions to increase confidence between you and your potential clients. This will allow users to not just buy from you, but also recommend your services and increase sales by a significant amount.

More animations and interactives

Animation-based websites are becoming increasingly sought-after due to advances in web technologies , like jQuery. These scripts can transform your website into more than just a medium for reading printed text, but also offer interactivity between the user and the page’s elements, which was previously limited to what you could do with images prior made available to the world wide web.

Websites have been getting more and more interactive. Your website can be made more interactive with pages that transition, slide information panels, or basic animations. This is a great method to liven up your website without having to resort to the ugly 1990s look. The more interaction on your site can bring visitors to sites that earn revenue, which could lead to a greater per-visit value (RPV).


In order to maintain their site’s traffic and not allow them to be sent offsite in the first place, the HTML 5 tag is becoming more sought-after. The rise in options for hosting video content (including streaming) has seen more companies think they can handle this sort of thing more effectively than before with other technologies , such as YouTube or third-party service providers that may shut down anytime. Using these tags can allow a company’s videos to be seamlessly integrated to its site, while offering more player capabilities.

Video Backgrounds

Backgrounds with video are becoming increasingly well-known. It is possible to make use of their advantages to increase the level of engagement with customers. Video backgrounds can improve the conversion rate of your website as they give greater information about a company with a smaller footprint than conventional pictures. It makes it simpler for customers to watch videos even if they do not have a great deal of reading.

Video backgrounds are an effective strategy to improve branding and the amount of visitors that return. They can be used for general purpose as well as specific kinds of marketing, like eCommerce content strategies or video marketing. This allows you to increase your site’s duration and the level of engagement with customers.

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